Lessons about Voucher Codes for a New Entrepreneur


Are you new into the e-commerce business and are looking ways to expand? Have you tried offering some discounts and introductory offers?

People these days are mostly inclined towards discounts, coupons vouchers and cashback. The reason is simple, it’s very popular, and deals are attractive and easy usage option. Thinking how to incorporate this great booming business option into your business and find good sales and profit? Read further to know.

Opting for voucher codes has a reason, and here they are:


Popular and easy to promote ( no need for costly ads, promos, FB and Twitter are enough)

Easy to share and track ( keeping track of profit and loss using these codes tracking )

Flexible and easy to experiment(experiment with what works and discard what doesn’t, at no or low cost)

Works well with increasing order average value

Not many redeem it and hence prove slightly beneficial

Well, that was some use of the voucher codes; let’s now see how to bring them into business.

Incorporating in several ways:

To retain existing customers:

In order to expand the business, it isn't enough to look for new customers, but the trick lies in holding and retaining the old valued customers. Retaining old customers is always better than thinking of new customers and trying to make things work with them.
It's like renovating an old space, rather than building from scratch. Give loyalty points and more vouchers to the existing customers and make the new customer.

Acquire new customers:

Acquiring new customers too is a difficult task, as you need to make them trust your brand. You need to spend a lot of money on advertising, if not using vouchers.
If you are using vouchers, then half your costs are saved. You can create vouchers only for new customers and see the growth and change that follow. Though it involves some money, for providing the discounts and vouchers, it is worth every penny.

Increase the sales target:

When your business is running low and other forms of promotions isn't working, and then you must try these vouchers. You can use them on your FB page, promote it on your website, and send messages to numbers of newbie customers rather than emails.

Many emails go unnoticed in the SPAM. Vouchers have always worked great for every business during such low sale times.


To clear old stock

Product less promotional

The old stock doesn't mean a few years ago, but just 3 months back, or even 6 months ago products are sometimes not sold. There are various reasons, high branded people never go out of fashion and hence don't buy outdated(3mons+), improper designing or less attractive stuff etc., makes the product less promotional.

Making the right choice

If you create vouchers for the same and put them on sale, the old stock will be cleared off and your sales and profit too will increase.

For example, we have the high street fashion Walk store pulling up vouchers every often.

Luxury Brand

just that their high luxury brand of footwear keeps updating every now and then and old stocks remain.

If you are looking for high brand footwear then visit Footasylum for exciting vouchers, and walk happy and high!

To cool down the disgruntled customer:


Not everyone is a perfectionist and humans make errors. In e-commerce, though there is no encouragement for errors, it does happen by mistake, and once it’s done there is no way or redoing them.

All you can do is to appease or cool down your customer by giving them a great voucher or discount coupon for the next shopping. Though it means losing some money, gaining trust and feeling mutual is important.

Sometimes when the delivery happens too late, when the product is damaged, or wrongly sent, it’s always on the client side to take up for the loss of the customer, time money and energy.


We Are Coming Soon!

To reduce the customer desk call volume:


We hope you have gained some info about vouchers usage.

We know how bad a day can get in an e-commerce business, where the only point of contact is a phone.



Rather, why don’t you make everything online, so there are no or only fewer calls per voucher and post the details publicly on the media page?



In this way, your call volume comes down and becomes a sensible work.




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